Success Rate of IUI Treatment – What to expect after IUI

If a man or woman suffers from infertility, there is nothing to lose hope. You can easily get yourself tested for your condition and that has more chances of a successful childbirth process. It is never like you cannot have a child of your own if you face infertility issues.

In fact, with the developed science and technology, it has become easier for couples with infertility issues to have their own child through IVF procedures. No matter whether you have poor or unhealthy sperms, small uterus, hormonal imbalance, and other infertility concerns, you can still have your own child through the various IVF processes.

One such treatment process is the IUI procedure or Intrauterine insemination procedure where it basically aims at infertility cases where a female is affected. It is a process in which sperm from a donor or the male partner are extracted and injected into the uterus of the female to increase the chances of fertilization inside the uterus. It is mainly targeted to enhance the fertilization process.

This treatment procedure is also effective in terms of a male infertility issue where the donor male’s sperm are injected to the uterus of the woman to induce fertility. But what is the success rate of the IUI treatment? What to expect after the treatment is completed? How the treatment is executed? All these questions are to be answered next. Keep reading…

How the IUI procedure is executed?

 It is a very simple procedure that takes only a few minutes to be done precisely, given the fact,that an expert is carrying out the process. When you visit a clinic of the infertility expert to perform the IUI procedure, they will guide you to their treatment room where the procedure would be performed.

Then, a small flexible and thin tube is inserted into the uterus of the female undergoing the treatment. Then the doctors use a small syringe to insert the sperm into the uterus directly through the tube that was inserted earlier so that it can reach the uterus easily. It doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to completely execute the procedure.

What are the chances of IUI success?

Well, the chances increase with more IUI cycles performed in the females undergoing the treatment. The IUI infertility treatment Meerut suggests that only 10-20 percent of the females get pregnant in the first cycle and when the IUI cycles are repeated for around 3 to 6 times, the chances of pregnancy increased three-folds. But you don’t need to worry about not being pregnant in the first try as in most cases, the females get pregnant after one-two attempts.

What is the cost of the procedure?

The more the number of IUI cycles, the more is the expense of the treatment. Also, if you choose high standard clinics and expert doctors to perform your IUI procedure then the cost can increase a bit. But the average cost is not too high to bear for a common man. You can opt for an IUI procedure even if you earn on average but sometimes the repeated cycles can cost you more than you expected it to be!

What to expect after the treatment is done?

After the treatment is successfully completed, you should wait for another 10-15 days to confirm your pregnancy. In between this time, you should take rest properly and follow the instructions provided by your infertility expert.

After the period is over, go for a test at your infertility expert’s clinic to confirm pregnancy. If you get a positive result then you are all set to experience pregnancy and childbirth but if the result is negative then you have to repeat the process again to get a successful result. You must not hurry to test pregnancy and take 10-15 days’ time for the same!

The conclusion

The Infertility Specialist in Meerut suggests every infertile couple get themselves checked as soon as they find out there are some issues with their reproductive condition. It isn’t always that infertility is diagnosed easily, it may take time to be diagnosed but by the time you get the treatment you may be late for the same as with growing age the chances of IVF success rate decreases.

Do not wait for long thinking that you might have missed the chance of getting pregnant due to some reasons and you will get pregnant soon. By assuming this, you may lose both the treatment and IVF chances of getting pregnant. You should always consult an infertility expert as soon as possible to prevent any kind of hopelessness.

There are several IVF methods and procedures for infertile couples to be hopeful and IUI is also one amongst them which brings hope in the life of the infertile couples. So, if you are suffering from infertility issues, there is nothing to lose hope!