Female Fertility Preservation

Diagnosis of cancer at a young age can be traumatizing. Treatments are lifesaving, but people are more concerned about the adverse effect of cancer on fertility. Fertility preservation is a boon for cancer patients who are young and want to become a parent. This technique is all about egg freezing and embryo freezing. Later on, these eggs or embryos can be used for pregnancy. Now with days, people’s trust is increasing towards IVF treatment Meerut, fertility preservation has come up with a ray of hope for those who are suffering from various diseases.

How egg freezing can help cancer patients infertility

Cancer treatment involves various radiations which can result in early menopause in women. Also, such treatments can make a woman infertile. Earlier doctors used certain shields to prevent such types of damages, but still, there was no guarantee of success. Now in the current era, IVF is performing well to boost the chances of fertility in women. With the emergence of such techniques, fertility preservation has become more popular.

Egg freezing: Frozen eggs can remain fertile for 8-10 years. In the egg freezing process, the female ovum is taken out from the body and kept in deep refrigeration for future use.

Embryo freezing: In embryo freezing, eggs are firstly fertilized with sperm and then frozen for later use

As per the researches done, there are 60% chances of pregnancy through these two procedures. When compared between frozen eggs and frozen embryos, embryos freezing have better chances of fertilization, and as per estimation, it has a 90% success rate.

Who should opt for fertility preservation?

Apart from cancer patients, fertility preservation is also advised for women who are undergoing other medical treatments which can affect their fertility either directly, or they have to delay pregnancy because their body is not ready for that. Such conditions include:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Medications that reduce fertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovary removal
  • Gender transition surgery

In many chronic autoimmune diseases like lupus, women are not supposed to become pregnant as their body is not prepared for pregnancy. In such a condition, they can freeze their egg for future use. Also, some medicines can interfere with ovulation. Fertility preservation allows the patient to focus on their health, to become the mother of a healthy child later on.

The quality and quantity of eggs decline naturally with age. Women, who are between their 30s-40s of age, should immediately opt for fertility preservation in case of any chronic disease. Based on their age, older patients need to undergo multiple cycles to preserve quality eggs which can make them pregnant later on.

About Meerut IVF

If you are concerned about your fertility because of cancer or any other chronic disease, then go with fertility preservation. Our consultant can let you know about the impact of your disease on fertility. We will also let you know about the time you have left for fertility preservation.