Male Infertility – What are fertility tests and treatment for men

There is a misconception that prevails in our society today that only women are subjected to infertility and men does not have any such infertility issues. Though this misconception has faded with time and education and there are more people today who knows and understands that both male and female can be infertile, it is yet to make a strong impact mainly on the rural areas.

So, when a male can be infertile just like his female counterpart, there has to be tests and treatments to diagnose and treat the same. Like the females, the males also need to undergo certain tests to confirm their infertility and therefore start the treatments as per their conditions.

It is only when the infertility experts are confirmed of their conditions, men are given the right kinds of treatments so that they can also be proud parents of their own child. Sometimes the men suffering from the infertility woes can be treated by medications and surgeries while sometimes their condition can be permanent and they need to go through the IVF processes to father their child.  Let us discuss more on the male infertility tests and treatments in this article below

First, let us know the Reasons behind male infertility

Before you move on to the test and treatments of the men who are infertile, you must have an idea of what causes infertility in them. There are many reasons why a male can be infertile, out of which some are also unexplained, which means the doctors cannot understand what reasons actually caused him to be infertile.

Apart from the unexplained reasons of infertility, some common reasons include unhealthy lifestyle habits, non-erection of the penis, unable to produce sperms, unhealthy sperm production, hormonal imbalance, unable to perform sex, etc. While these are the common reasons and symptoms as well, there are some tests which confirm these conditions of the men which we shall discuss now.

The tests to diagnose the male infertility conditions

There are several tests that the infertility experts might try on you before starting their treatments so that they can understand whats actually the condition of your reproductive health. The several tests which are performed to know the conditions are

  • Hormone testing
  • Scrotal ultrasound
  • Transrectal ultrasound
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Genetic tests
  • Post ejaculation urinalysis
  • Sprem functional test
  • Semen analysis
  • Medical history assessment

These are some of the common tests that your doctor might recommend you to perform before trying the treatment so that he can be confirmed of your condition!

The treatments related to male infertility

The male infertility treatment has various forms that depend upon the result of the tests performed on the concerned individuals. In some conditions, the doctors might suggest you undergo medical treatments and even surgeries for reversing the condition of infertility while in other cases you might need assisted reproductive treatments for your infertility conditions.

Some of the common treatments methods include hormone treatment, infection treatments, semen extraction, hormonal injections to increase sperm production, etc. And even after all these, it fails to incur any positive result from the male who is undergoing the treatment then he has to move towards hiring a sperm donor so that he can use the eggs of his female counterpart to fertilise by the sperm of the donor and give birth to a child which has the genes of the mother.

But it is recommended that you choose the experienced experts to take care of ur condition so that you don’t have to suffer more than what you deserve due to any kind of negligence. You must not delay the treatment and consult the experts as soon as possible.

To conclude

Men infertility has long been a concern in our society. While there re many people who cannot accept the fact that men can be infertile too, some of them still believe in the myths that women are only responsible for infertility and men have nothing to do with it.

It is a saddening fact for the ones who are unable to give birth to a child due to their reproductive inabilities and thus, they need to undergo treatment for revesting their coitions. In the instances where a man cannot give birth to a child even after going through many kinds of treatments, they need to move on to the IVF treatment to finally become able to have their own child.

So, it is necessary for men to understand that when they face any difficulty in their fertile health or when they cannot bear a child even after having sex with their partner for a longer period, the problems do not have to be with the females only, it can be with them too! If you or someone you know has the same issues, try consulting an infertility expert soon!