The Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

If we go back to some few decades, we could see that infertility was often associated with only females rather than the males. In fact, in some rural areas, this misconception still prevails and people actually blame the women of the society for any infertility issues, ignoring the fact that men can be infertile too!

It is deeply saddening but we are part of this society and there is nothing we can do about it except for educating people more to change their mindset. When it comes to male infertility, they must first know what are the symptoms and causes of the same so that they can understand their condition well and judge whether they fall under the same category or not!

For example, in the case of females, irregular periods might be a sign of infertility but in the case of males, these signs are not so prominent to judge infertility in the initial stages. That is why deeper knowledge is required for the same to understand that there is a problem with the fertility of a male.

Here in this article we will discuss in detail the most common causes of male infertility and also throw some light on the male infertility treatment and symptoms in brief. Let us know more below

Male infertility causes

  • Genetic defects, undescended testicles, health disorders like diabetes, gonorrhea, HIV, mumps, etc. causes abnormal production and functioning of the male gamete- sperm! When the sperm is unhealthy or of poor quality, it harms and affects the fertility of the male in a drastic way.
  • Issues with the erection of the male sex organ penis often cause infertility in them! The main ejaculation of the sperm occurs when the penis s enlarged and erected. If this doesn’t happen then the problem with ejaculation occurs which further becomes a case of infertility in men.
  • Causes such as premature ejaculation, blockage in the path of the testicles which transfers the sperms to the tip of the penis, injury or damage to the reproductive organs, genetic diseases and birth defects can also be the reasons behind male infertility
  • Certain lifestyle habits like excessive drinking and smoking, unhealthy sleeping and eating habits, too much stress, etc. can cause male infertility issues.
  • Frequent Exposure to certain environmental factors like radiation, chemicals, heat, pesticides, etc. can cause infertility. Apart from these, the consumption of harmful drugs, rise in the body temperature, and taking too much of hot baths can also be the cause behind male infertility.
  • If a male has cancer and undergoes treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy then chances are also there that he or his future generation may suffer from infertility.

Symptoms and treatments of male infertility

The most common symptoms include non-erection of the penis, late or no signs of puberty, hormonal imbalance, small penis, pain and swelling in the testicles, less interest in sexual intercourse, problems in marinating erection of the penis, low sperm count, mood swings, etc.

Male infertility can be treated through various means like medication and surgery as well. In cases where a male is permanently infertile and there is no clinical method to reverse the situation, then also there is nothing to lose hope for the sufferers. The option to have IVF treatments to have a child of his own is always available in front of the infertile males.

If a male has healthy sperms but fails to attain erection, the semen can be extracted from the testes and can be injected to the female partner through the ICSI procedure for performing the IVF treatments. There are other such treatment options available for the infertile men which keep their hope alive for being a father of their own child.

Wrapping up

In our society, men have always been in a dominated position since time immemorial. It’s good that things are changing today and the perception towards providing equal rights to both men and women is embraced thoroughly! In the case of infertility, the male dominant society always tried to pinpoint the women and not the men.

We cannot always blame the people of society for the same because the proper education and guidance never prevailed properly back then to let them understand more on the same topic. That is why proper guidance and information is very necessary to provoke understanding and prevent ignorance of the same!

When you know every detail about the symptoms and causes of male infertility you can be well aware of it and can even prevent it at times. Also, when you know about the treatment options, dealing with this phase of life seems easy. The best ivf centre in India and abroad is always there to provide the necessary treatment to the sufferers and help them come out of it successfully. Hopefully, the given information can help people know and understand more about male infertility issues.