Pregnancy Testing after IVF Embryo Transfer

The moment of joy when an infertile couple finally gets to know that the IVF treatment is successful and that they are going to be parents of their own child soon is immeasurable! But as is the system of nature, with great joy comes some reason to worry as well and so being excited just after the successful completion of the IVF treatment is not desirable.

In cases where the infertile couples have to undergo fertility treatments and in particular embryo transfers in the original mother and not a surrogate one, the moment till at least the first trimester passes, it does not feel safe.

In even the normal pregnancies, this initial period comes with anxiety and pangs of fear for the mother and thus, proper care is needed during this period to prevent any kind of complexities in the child growth and childbirth. Once this period is over, the mother can relax a bit!

But you must know that the period which follows just after pregnancy is the one that you should take care of seriously when you are taking the artificial path of bringing your child to the world. So, the IVF procedure executed by the fertility experts cannot be termed successful until your pregnancy is confirmed by the experts in care!

Why you should not hurry in doing the pregnancy tests just after the embryo transfer is done?

This is one very interesting topic of discussion during the IVF process as to when can you test for your pregnancy after the procedure is completed. Some women hurry to take the test soon after the IVF embryo transfer process is completed and most of them are actually entitled to receive the wrong information if they perform the pregnancy test soon after!

The reason behind this is simple- when your infertility expert performs the IVF procedure on you, it is almost mandatory that he or she would inject high dosages of hCG which is the pregnancy hormone, into your blood. It means that when you are keen on doing a pregnancy test by your own using the various pregnancy kits available in the market, they will only indicate higher levels of the pregnancy hormone which is enough to confirm that you are pregnant.

But it is NOT the case always! You might not get pregnant during the procedure but due to the high levels of the hormone, the test might still show positive results which can surely break your heart later on. So, it is recommended that you wait for at least 14-15 days before you take up the pregnancy test and also do that in a clinic under the guidance of your fertility doctor. It is only when the doctor confirms, you can be sure of the positive pregnancy results and rejoice the same!

The fertility experts might continue keeping you on progesterone support and perform blood tests for the purpose of monitoring your condition…

When you get a positive pregnancy test result, you can still be put on high progesterone level and the infertility expert might keep on performing various blood tests to ensure the condition is normal and both you and the child is in a good health condition. So, the treatment isn’t just over when you test positive for pregnancy after the embryo transfer is done!

Also, do not hurry to announce your pregnancy, take some time before you do that. You can wait for the first trimester to be completed to do so as the riskiest period is this and after the risk period is over, your fertility expert might transfer you to a regular obstetrician. It is then you can announce your pregnancy to the world without any such anxiety or stress issues!

The closure

In recent times, the infertility treatment options have not only excelled in delivering so many positive results around the globe but it has also brought a smile in the faces of millions of infertile couples who lost hope in their fertility system and never thought of having a child of their own.

It is indeed a disappointing phase of people’s lives when they find out that they cannot give birth to a child normally. But thanks to developing science and technology today, the hope never ends for these couples. The IVF treatment in India and abroad is also not too high and thus, the average couples can easily adhere to the expenses of the IVF treatments to get the positive results and to experience the joy of parenthood.

One of the common IVF treatments is the embryo transfer which requires experienced fertility specialists to perform the task and henceforth help the women attain a successful pregnancy. When you are under the guidance of an expert in the field, there is nothing to worry about it! Enjoy your parenthood without any glitch!