Ten Important Questions to Ask With Your Gynecologist

Vaginal itching? Sex during the menstrual cycle? Leaky bladder? The smell from vagina? These are some of the normal things that most women feel and want to consult a gynecologist. At first, you may be reluctant to ask such questions to the doctor. However, remember that your doctor has heard these questions from other patients too, and it’s normal to ask them everything about your body. You should make a list of questions which you are going to ask the best gynecologist in Meerut.

Is the smelly vagina normal?

The vagina of every woman smells different as per their eating and drinking habit. A pungent smell, alcohol, and spices leak into your vaginal secretion and result in a bad smell. Such smell is also common during your periods and intense workout. Conclusion? Never sweat your vaginal odor too much. But if it has become too smelly or fishy, then consult your doctor. This may be an indication of infection, and you should consult an infertility specialist in Meerut.


Is it necessary to clean the vagina regularly? 

This question is a bit controversial, as you may have heard from most people that the vagina cleans itself. But as per doctors, you should clean it just like you clean other parts of your body. You can use gentle or fragrance-free soap on the vagina to clean it. With your two fingers, you should swipe your knuckles over the labia. Don’t use talc powder, scented cloth, or sprays in that part.

Why I don’t want to have sex?

While balancing work, life, and family or even changes in medicines can affect your sex drive. In addition, hormonal imbalance, low hypothyroidism, estrogen, and a wide array of other factors are responsible for lessening your wish to have sex. But it doesn’t mean that you will never get the desired arousal. Speak about sex life with the gynecologist doctor in Meerut; she can better suggest to you how to reignite the flame.

Where can I find the G-spot?

There always remains a debate regarding the position of the G-spot. As per doctors, G-spot exists one to two inches on the top of the anterior vaginal surface. At the time of sexual arousal, the G-spot gets filled with blood which swollen it up. Women don’t have to worry if they are unable to locate this spot. There is no magic in this spot; it is just another reason to get sexual pleasure. If you still have doubts, you can consult the best gynecologist in Meerut.

Is a painful bump serious?

First thing-don’t panic. If you locate painful bumps near the vagina or labia, never think of them as a sign of an STD. When a bump occurs below, it can be a pimple or ingrown hair that happened due to shaving. But if it lasts for more than a few days or become quite painful, consults with the gynecologist, as it can be a cyst, herpes, or genital warts.


How do I examine my breast?

If you are not examining your breast regularly, then you should do that. Less than 5% of women get breast cancer under 40. You should check the breast for bumps, lumps, or any other changes which can be an early sign of cancer. Your gynecologist can let you know about the process to check your breast. Self-exam is an easy task that can be done regularly while taking a bath.

Why am I getting too much hair loss?

Throughout different stages of women, they will get hair loss. Such loss is not only common when you get older. Excessive stress, low blood count, and pregnancy all such things lead to hair loss. Because of the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy, women will face temporary hair loss. But don’t worry; within 6-12 months of pregnancy, they will regain their hair back to normal. Women after pregnancy should continue to take a multivitamin during the postpartum period to support their immune system and metabolism.

How can I handle my stress?

Stress can be caused because of several reasons, and you can reach your OB-GYN for this. In fact, things like pelvic pain, changes in the menstrual cycle, and hair loss can be caused because of stress. There are many physical reasons associated with stress; your gynecologist can determine its exact cause.

Why do I pee while sneezing or laugh?

Never be stressed if you pee while sneezing or laughing. Such bladder leak is often termed the fallen bladder, is common among women who have given birth to a baby. But, it can also happen in women who haven’t become pregnant till now. So, don’t worry if you are peeing while sneezing or laugh; it’s natural, and you can seek your gynecologist if you are uncomfortable with it.

I am planning for pregnancy, is there anything I need to prepare?

Many women don’t know that planning for pregnancy starts well before conception. Even a gynecologist suggests quitting smoking and drinking atleast six months before you start doing regular intercourse. You can consult your gynecologist even before six months to check whether you and your partner are physically and mentally ready or not for a healthy pregnancy. The doctor may advise some medication like prenatal vitamins to ensure the health of both the mother and baby.

If you still have some more questions, never forget to visit a gynecologist doctor in Meerut for the best consultation and treatment.