Do You Need IVF: Ask an Expert

The full form of IVF is In Vitro Fertilisation which is a medical procedure to improve the chances of fertility. Couples who are not able to conceive due to some genetic and medical complications, IVF has been helpful for them.

Also, with IVF, there are a lot of chances to have a healthy baby by mitigating its parent’s genetic problems. To know more about the best IVF specialist in Meerut and its advantages, you need to read further-

Reasons Behind Infertility

Several environmental and genetic factors are responsible for infertility for both men and women. After doing the analysis, the best IVF specialist in Meerut will begin the treatment accordingly. Let us know about the various reasons behind infertility among people-

Blockage of Fallopian Tube

If the fallopian tube is blocked or damaged, then it becomes difficult for the egg to fertilize.

Low or Inappropriate sperm production

The low sperm count can also lead to infertility among men. Also, abnormality of sperm such as the shape and size makes the process of fertilization more difficult.

Genetic problems

There might be some genes related to you or your partner that can also lead to infertility. Here, if you want to reduce the health risks for your children, then you can opt for the IVF process.

Ovulation Disorder

The ovulation disorders can also lead to generating fewer eggs than normal.

Drugs and Medicine

The over intake of drugs and medicines also has various side effects on the body. It is also one of the major reasons for infertility.


Various women opt for sterilization if they don’t want children. It is a medical process of blocking fallopian tubes to prevent the egg to travel to the womb.


It is a health condition where the lining of the womb begins to grow in other areas. This condition can also damage the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Unexplained Infertility

It is a rare condition where the cause of infertility remains unknown.

There are other various factors leading to infertility such as Uterine Fibroids, Low Testosterone levels, Hypogonadism, etc. A gynaecologist doctor in Meerut will help you to know that you suffering from these medical conditions.

Risks Involved in In Vitro Fertilisation

It is not that IVF treatment is always successful for every couple. IVF treatment can also be very risky that can be problematic in the future. From the diagnosis till the birth of the baby, intense care is required as it involves various risks.

These are the risks that you might face for IVF treatment-

  • Low weight and Premature Delivery– IVF treatment can lead to premature delivery of the baby and they might have low weight. This can further lead to a severe health condition.
  • Miscarriage– There are also high chances of miscarriage during IVF. It is important to follow all the steps during the whole period.
  • Stress– IVF is a time-consuming and emotionally and physically draining process. It can further lead to stress and emotional breakdown.
  • Defects– Mother’s age is highly responsible for any birth defects. Also, the parent’s genes affect the mental and physical growth of the child.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy– It is a condition where the eggs are not able to survive outside the uterus. As a result, it becomes impossible to conceive.

How does In Vitro Fertilisation Work?

Generally, reproduction occurs when healthy sperm and eggs are fertilised in a body of a woman. After that, the woman gives birth to a newborn baby 9 months later. If you are having a problem in conceiving, you should consult your Gynaecologist doctor in Meerut for guidance and initial treatments.

Steps Involved in IVF

IVF is a tiring and lengthy process. It requires continuous monitoring of the health condition of the baby and the mother. The Best IVF specialist Meerut follows these procedures for IVF Treatment-

  • Ovulation-Ovulation drugs are given to a woman for more egg production
  • Retrieval of Eggs– A surgery is done where eggs are pulled out of the ovary using a needle. If a woman is not able to produce eggs, a donor’s eggs are used for the process.
  • Fertilization– The sperm is mixed with the eggs, then they are fertilised in a lab.
  • Embryo Culture– A procedure is done to remove any genetic disorder from the embryo after 3-5 for fertilization.
  • Transferring Embryo– When the embryo grows properly, then it is injected into the mother’s womb.

Do You Need IVF to Conceive? 

The IVF cost in Meerut is very high. Also, you have to mentally and physically ready to face the challenges during the whole process. Various tests and analysis are done to achieve the best results. Also, the chances depend upon the various factors to conceiving a baby.

In conclusion, a couple has to go through a roller coaster ride during the whole process of IVF Treatment. The body and mind go through various physical and psychological changes. It is better to consult the best Gynaecologist doctor in Meerut to increase your pregnancy chances through IVF.