How do reproductive Surgeries Treat Infertility?

The reasons behind infertility vary from person to person. Some might have it from their genes through inheritance while some may acquire it in their lifetime due to several lifestyle habits. All in all, it is quite clear that not all infertile individuals suffer from the same issues and thus the treatments options also differ in each case.

When an individual goes through fertility abnormalities that are caused by biochemical reasons (e.g. – hormonal imbalance), these kinds of infertility issues can be treated through medicinal implementations and other non-surgical methods to help them revert their infertility and lead a fully fertile life.

In contrast, when an individual suffers from infertility due to anatomic defects, such as vasectomy in men or pelvic adhesions in females, they need to undergo surgical treatments to treat their infertility.

These are invasive methods and require the infertile individual to come under the knife for the sake of being able to bear a child and reverse their infertility. Various kinds of Obstetrics Surgery are performed by infertility experts in different cases of infertility to relieve them of the conditions of the inability of childbirth. We shall discuss more on this below. Read on

Who all needs fertility surgery?

An infertility surgery is not required on all conditions. An individual only needs infertility surgery in certain cases of reproductive health issues to revert their infertility condition. Some such infertility cases which need surgical interference to revert the condition includes

For women

  • Endometriosis
  • Polyps
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Pelvic adhesions

For men

  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Varicose veins in the scrotum
  • Varicocele repair

The above conditions in the infertile male and female can be treated using the surgical processes and can also lead to a successful result making them fertile again. As these are just anatomical condition and does not involve any kind of biochemical disturbances in their reproductive system, they can be reversed when the infertility experts are careful with the surgeries.

What kinds of surgeries are available today?

We already know the condition which can be treated with surgeries when a person suffers from infertility. Now, we will know what kind of surgical processes can be implied to such individuals to make the surgeries successful. The kinds of surgeries available today include

It is good for the treatment of women as the process of hysteroscopy is used to have full insight into the women’s uterus and to understand what’s wrong in there so that the doctors can treat the condition by performing a surgery. Normally, the conditions of polyps, fibroids, uterine wall projections, and other abnormalities related to a woman’s uterus are considered for hysteroscopy surgery. There are some other branches of hysteroscopy like falloscopy, saplingospsy, etc. which also help in the surgical treatment of infertile individuals.

This kind of surgery is mainly performed when an individual suffers from endometriosis lesions, hydrosalpinx, uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, tubal adhesions, etc. This is considered to be a better form of surgical treatment for these patients and it incurs the most successful results as well. It is a minimally invasive method and that’s why many patients prefer this over other kinds of surgical processes. The different types of laparoscopic surgery are transvaginal laparoscopy, traditional laparoscopy, etc. which deals with the procedure of laparoscopic surgery very well.

These are the two most coveted types of reproductive surgeries that are proven to be successful in bringing positive results to infertile individuals today and help them give birth to their child naturally and biologically!

Wrapping up

Although there are many IVF solutions to assist infertile couples today who have lost hope in the natural childbirth process, they still prefer to cure their infertility condition and conceive naturally. Well, we cannot judge them because after all parenthood also comes with emotional attachments and lots of sentiments than we can ever imagine.

So, generally, people like to indulge in such childbirth procedure which only involves their gametes and also themselves throughout the procedure rather than taking help from other donors or any surrogate mother for the same.

But not all individuals are lucky enough to have a full cure to their infertility treatments and thus they have to rely on IVF techniques to give birth to a child.

In some cases, though, infertility can be reversed through the means of medicines and surgeries, and the ones who undergo such treatments can become fertile again which helps them to give birth to a child in a full biological way!

Thus, the hopes must not be shattered, no matter how severely you are suffering from your reproductive system unhealthiness! You must remember that there is always room for better and advanced treatment which shall give you the joy and happiness of parenthood in today’s time!