Foods To Increase Sperm Count and Motility

You might have heard that females are more responsible for infertility, but that’s not true. Males are equally important, and their sperm count and motility also play a pivotal role in conceiving. There are many foods through which males can increase their sperm count and motility, and if you want to know about them, this blog is for you.

Approximately half of infertility is caused by men. The main reason behind that is low sperm count and motility. Fortunately, men’s bodies keep producing new sperm, and many issues related to poor sperm quality can be resolved by keeping a watch on your diet. Many people undergo low sperm count treatment by consulting doctors, but apart from such treatments, below are some foods you should include in your diet that can help you complete your family.

Foods for male infertility treatment


Oysters contain a good amount of zinc, and zinc-rich food is good for male fertility, increasing sperm motility and sperm volume. If you don’t like oysters, then go for other options rich in zinc like beef, nuts, eggs, poultry, whole grains, beans and dairy. You can also choose to take multivitamin tablets to keep your sperm healthy.

Brazil Nuts, Beef, Pork and Tuna

You may not know much about Brazil nuts, but they are very rich in Selenium. Selenium is responsible for various body activities like immune function, thyroid hormone, and sperm motility. If it is difficult to find Brazil nuts in the stores quickly, you can eat tuna, beef, and pork as they are also rich in Selenium. In a study, researchers noticed the effect of Selenium on men’s fertility. After Selenium treatment, 52.6% of patients experienced increased motility and morphology.

Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and veggies like collard greens and cranberries contain antioxidants that protect sperm from cellular damage, and give them the desired strength and speed. Such speed is necessary to race towards the fallopian tube for egg fertilization. Also, Vitamin E and Vitamin C present in fruits and veggies help increase the sperm count and their movement.


Walnuts are packed with many essential nutrients like Vitamin B6 and folate. Folate plays a pivotal role in male fertility and is required for DNA synthesis and replication. In the case of low folate, sperm replication will be done improperly, which will impact sperm quality. Vitamin B6 is also essential for maintaining normal sperm parameters. According to some research, men with low sperm motility were low in Vitamin B6.


Besides being rich in Vitamin C, tomatoes also contain plant nutrient lycopene. This lycopene is responsible for the red colour in fruits and contains antioxidants that positively impact male fertility. A study has shown that consuming 4mg of lycopene, usually found in a medium=-size tomato, can enhance sperm count and motility by 25%. All such facts have made tomato a pivotal food to increase sperm count and thus a natural way for male infertility treatment.

Amla Berries

Amla berries have also positively impacted sperm quality and male fertility. This is because these berries are rich in antioxidants and have made their name under 13 berries categories which are highest in antioxidants.

Food that can harm your sperm count or motility

Processed Meat

Research has shown that processed meat reduces men’s ability to fertilize an egg. Researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School have studied the diet of 141 men who opted for IVF treatment. As per their report, men who frequently eat processed meat have a lower fertilization rate. Men who ate less meat had 28% more possibility of conceiving their partner than those who ate more meat in their meals.

Junk Food

Ofcourse you know that junk food is not suitable for health, especially for the heart, but these sugary items can also impact your fertility. In addition, sweetened food and beverages like soda can degrade your sperm quality, thus one more reason for you to avoid junk food and switch to fruits and oatmeal.

Fried Foods

You should stay away from fried foods when planning for a child. Such foods contain trans-fat, which are very harmful to male fertility. Studies have shown that eating fried food 1-2 times a week can decrease your sperm count by 10.5%.


Many foods can increase or decrease your sperm count; you can consult a fertility specialist in Meerut to know about proper diet plans and treatment. In addition, the IVF centre in Meerut can let you know about the complete IVF procedures and what you are supposed to do to increase your fertility chances.

That said, even after taking proper diet listed above and suggested by doctors, there are some nutrients like Ashwagandha, and CoQ10 which are impossible to include in your diet naturally. Hence you can take supplements of such nutrients to maintain your sperm count.