What is IUI? When should it be done?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment in which the sperm is directly injected into a woman’s uterus. In natural conception, male sperm travels from the vagina through the cervix toward the uterus and fallopian tube. Only 5% of sperm reach the uterus through the vagina. After the egg is released, the sperm travels to your fallopian tube. Here the egg and sperm are fertilized.

IUI is a good option for couples unable to conceive naturally. In this process, the high-quality sperm is collected, washed, and concentrated. The sperm is then placed directly into the uterus through a catheter (thin tube), making it close to the fallopian tube. IUI cuts down the time a sperm needs to travel and thus making it easier to reach the egg. It enhances your possibility of becoming pregnant.

Fertility specialists usually prefer IUI before going for any other invasive fertility treatments. You can opt for IUI treatment either with your partner’s sperm or through donor sperm. Your doctor will give fertility medications to ensure multiple eggs are released during ovulation.

When is IUI performed?

People go with IUI for multiple reasons, like unexplained issues, reproductive options for same-sex female couples, or females who want to become pregnant without a male partner through donor sperm.

IUI can also be performed in the case of the below-mentioned conditions:

Issues in cervix mucus or other problems: Our body’s cervix separates the vagina from the uterus. The mucus produced by the cervix allows sperm to journey from the vagina toward the uterus and to the fallopian tube. If the mucus is hard, it becomes difficult for sperm to swim. Through IUI, sperm boycotts the cervix and directly reaches the uterus.

Low sperm count and other sperm-related issues: Semen analysis is usually done during infertility treatment. Your partner may have weak, oddly shaped sperm or in some cases, the body may not contain sperm. IUI can help you in such conditions, as only high-quality sperm will be picked during the treatment.

You want to use donor sperm: IUI is also used when a woman wants to use the sperm of a person who is not the birth parent partner. It is also known as donor insemination (DI). DI is usually preferred in case of no sperm or if the sperm quality is so low that it can’t be used. Many single mothers or same-sex female partners also go with donor sperm.

The problem in ejaculation or erection: IUI is also done in case the male partner faces trouble with the erection or cannot ejaculate.

Semen allergy: In rare cases, some women may have an allergy to their partner’s semen, which causes swelling, burning, or redness in their vagina. In such cases, IUI is effective in that the sperm is washed properly to remove proteins that cause allergy.

Unexplained infertility: In this case, your fertility specialist will be unable to find the exact reason behind infertility.

Time is taken for IUI treatment

It takes around four weeks (28 days) for an IUI cycle to complete from beginning to end. It has the same time as that of the menstrual cycle.

• Before undergoing iui fertility treatment in Meerut, you and your partner will undergo a thorough examination, including semen analysis, blood tests, ultrasound, and another diagnosis.
• Some people may be given five-day fertility medications or injectable medicines for two weeks. Such medications improve the chances of ovulation and will release multiple eggs. Not all people require such medications.
• The insemination process doesn’t take much time. It takes a few minutes to insert sperm. You should lie down on the examination table for 15 minutes.
• After insemination, you can do a pregnancy test after two weeks.

Does IUI work?

The success rate of IUI depends on the cause of infertility. It is usually successful in cases of unexplained infertility or people having trouble with mucus or ejaculation. In conditions like endometriosis, fallopian tube disorder, and severe sperm impairment IUI doesn’t work well. In such conditions, IVF will be recommended by your fertility specialist.

How much does IUI cost?

The IUI treatment cost in Meerut or any other city will depend on your fertility clinic. It also depends on your medical history, diagnostic test, and medications. IUI treatment is less expensive than IVF and will cost around RS.15 000/cycle, including all medications. There are insurance companies that cover all such treatments, and you need to inquire about it with your insurance company.


If you are planning to go with IUI, you should start looking for the best fertility hospital in Meerut to increase your chances of pregnancy. If it is your first treatment against infertility, then it’s better to go with IUI rather than directly jumping on IVF. You must consult your doctor to know whether IUI will be the correct option for you.