Understanding The Benefits & Risks of IVF Treatment

One of the significant problems that couples face is Infertility. The changing lifestyle, food habits, climate change all contribute to this. The rapidly growing infertility clinics are the evidence for this. One of the effective treatment that involved in infertility treatment is IVF that is In Vitro Fertilization. This is a kind of assisted reproductive technology and gestational surrogacy. Here the technic is that the fertilized egg may be implanted into a surrogate’s uterus. But what makes this helpful for the couple is that the child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate. With this, IVF treatments in India are gaining more attention.

What Are The Steps Involved In IVF?

IVF treatment in Meerut as well as all over the country includes the following steps.

Below are the IVF procedures

  • Medication

An injection is given to the lady to stimulate healthy egg development.

  • Collecting the egg

Eggs are collected from the ovaries with minor surgery.

  • Fertilization

Here the egg and sperms are combined in a laboratory.

  • Embryo culture

Here the embryologists give proper attention throughout the embryo division. The proper growth of the embryo is ensured here.

  • Embryo transfer

During this step, proper care is given to the women’s uterus and watched by ultrasound. And the embryo is carefully placed inside the uterus that ten days later, the woman is returned to the clinic for a blood test to know whether she is pregnant Or not.

We could see the increasing acceptance of IVF because there are so many benefits of IVF treatment. If you are considering the best IVF hospitals in Meerut, the best IVF specialists in Meerut will help you get the desired result; that is your dream of a healthy baby.

Benefits of IVF

Below are the significant benefits of IVF:


  • Always helps where infertility treatments fail: After so many infertility treatments, couples give their absolute trust in IVF, which may sometimes give them the best result that they expected.


  • Decrease the chance of miscarriage: Common cause of miscarriage depends on genetic issues. In this technology, they use PGT to determine the genetic issues so that the chance of miscarriage is scarce.


  • Increased chance of conception: IVF treatment with PGT have the highest success rate among infertility treatment. So that the chances are high for conception and high for fertilization.


  • Chances are high to have a healthy baby: There are so many cases of miscarriage is reported all over the country because of the lifestyle of our new generation. When proper treatment is given to the mother, chances are less for miscarriage and increase the chance to have a healthy baby.


What’s The Best Way To Select The Best Embryo To Eliminate The Genetic Diseases?

Chances for chromosomal abnormalities in older women are a big problem as it may cause genetic abnormalities to the embryo. This treatment could avoid this because each of the steps is carefully done and observed.


  • You can use donated eggs or sperms:

Sometimes, the doctors themselves prefer the patients to use them or sperms if there are any issues with theirs. With this, the egg can be manually fertilized in the clinic, and the resulting viable embryo can be used for IVF.


  • Risks included in IVF treatment.

Fertility treatments also involve so many risks. In this, IVF treatment is even more complex. Like a coin, even IVF treatments also have two sides. One of the sides already discussed above, so that now consider the second phase: the risks or some disadvantages.


  • Cancer

Some studies reveal that certain medications used for egg stimulation and development may result in ovarian tumors, even though the recent studies don’t support these findings.


  • Stress

The cost may be high for specific treatments. So the financial, physical, and emotional draining may make them more stressed. So having better people around you can help you to get out of this.


  • Ectopic pregnancy

Nearly 2 to 5 percentage of women who tried IVF have ectopic pregnancies. When the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube, the egg can’t survive.


  • Congenital disabilities

The age of the mother plays an important role here. If the age of the mother is high, the risk factor is also high. So there is a high chance of congenital disabilities. Still, there are arguments on this.


  • Early delivery and low birth weight

The chances for premature delivery are high in IVF treatment, resulting in the baby’s low birth weight.


  • Multiple births

If there is more than one embryo is implanted, the chances of having multiple babies are high. This makes the delivery a bit risky.


IVF treatment is a blessing among infertile couples. They believe in IVF treatments, which try never to make them disappoint. So there is so many IVF treatment in India and Meerut and other major cities all around the country. So find yours and make your dream come true.