When should I consult a fertility specialist?

In contemporary times, several couples are working with their OB/GYN but without any success in conceiving a child. The fertility clinic is the best place for these people to visit. Getting pregnant can be a difficult ordeal for many couples.

A fertility specialist is a doctor having mastery over the diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems in both women and men. IVF centre in Meerut has fertility specialist doctors having four years of medical school and another four years of residency training who specializes in obstetrics/gynaecology or urology. It would help if you always looked for fertility specialists who are having the certification of a regulatory authority. Here are the seven reasons for which you may want to see a fertility doctor.

1.Unprotected sex for 12 months or more without conceiving

As a rule of thumb, it generally takes a couple five to six months to conceive. If you are under 35 and having unprotected sex for 12 months or so, then you may want to see a fertility specialist.

2. You are above 35

Women who are above the age of 35 may experience a drop in the quality of eggs. On the offset, that you are above 35 years of age and trying to conceive or having unprotected sex for the last six months without any success, then it is time to see a fertility specialist. If you are 40 years, old or more then technically, you are in the high-risk pregnancy category, and possibly, you will want to make a new beginning by resorting to IVF treatment in Meerut. However, remember that the risk of miscarriage looms large at this time.

3. You had three or more miscarriages

Miscarriages generally occur within twenty weeks of becoming pregnant. The most common reason for miscarriages is the egg or sperm having a faulty chromosome. As a result, the fertilized egg does not develop normally. Miscarriages can also be the outcome of early development problems; for example, the egg does not implants itself properly in the uterus, or it has structural defects.

Suppose you have already experienced miscarriages more than once. In that case, it may be the high time to work with a specialist for monitoring health and fertility counselling while you are trying to conceive. If there is a significant cause underlying your miscarriage, then you must become aware of it.

4. Your partner is having trouble in achieving and maintaining an erection

It may be high time that you consult a male fertility specialist. You may also call a urologist because they are specialists with profound expertise in the male reproductive system. They can help you to find a comprehensive solution underlying these conditions.

5.Irregularity in monthly cycles

If you have no periods, irregular periods, or heavy bleeding, then it may be high time to consult a specialist. These symptoms could be indicative of an underlying fertility issue. If you do not have periods, then it may mean that you are not ovulating. Moreover, if you have irregular periods, then possibly you are sending wrong hormone signals indicative of an ovulation disorder. Besides, if you bleed after having sex or between periods, then it may be indicative of a fibroid, uterine polyp, or a cervical lesion. If you experience bleeding for more than seven days and go through one pad or tampon for more than an hour for several hours or pass blood clots larger the size of a quarter, then you have heavy periods. The underlying cause could be an endocrine abnormality and uterine fibroid. Hence, it is recommendable that you visit a doctor.

6.Medical history of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are contracted during sexual intercourse. They can result in infection and inflammation. In women, they may be a reason for scarring in the fallopian tubes that will prevent sperm and egg from meeting. In the case of men, they may be a cause of the reoccurring infection that can damage the motility of sperm, cause a drop in sperm count or result in defunct sperms.

7. You are suffering from a chronic medical condition

If you have been suffering from a chronic disease for a long time, then you cannot help but reach out to experts for medical help. Fertility patients are often impaired from healing due to pre-existing medical conditions. If you are suffering from the undermentioned diseases or conditions, then we recommend that you fix an appointment with a fertility specialist.

  • Genetic Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Disease
  • Thyroid condition
  • Kidney Disease

If you have undergone chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, then it becomes necessary to consult a fertility specialist. While the involved processes may seem overwhelming, many medical service providers can help you to deal with the problem. If you have been, suffering from any of the conditions listed, then consult a fertility specialist at the earliest to uncover the cause of the defect.