How To Prepare For Successful IVF Treatment – IVF Success Factors

In Vitro, Fertilization can be physically and emotionally demanding. However, you can prepare yourself for the process and optimize your chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy. Couples tend to choose IVF treatment Meerut following unsatisfactory results from less expensive and less-invasive products.

Understanding the factors, which determine the success rate of IVF and preparing oneself accordingly, optimizes the possibilities of success.

IVF success factors


Previous Pregnancy

A couple who had success with pregnancy in the past are more likely to have a better chance of successful pregnancy with IVF.


Women in the age group of 24 to 34 years have the highest chances of conceiving successfully through IVF. Women who are ageing between the late 30s and early 40s have a slim chance of only 32.2 percent.

Type of Fertility Issues

IVF can help you to overcome several fertility issues like uterine abnormalities, fibroid tumours, ovarian dysfunction, and dual infertility. You have to understand that the longer you delay seeking the necessary treatment, the lesser are the chances of success.

Embryo and Egg Quality

The quality of embryo and eggs depend on several factors that include sperm quality, ovarian reserve, and stimulation protocol.

Sperm Quality

Egg quality determines more than 90 percent of the chromosomal issues. It does not mean that male fertility factors do not determine the success rate of an IVF procedure. On the offset, that the male partner is dealing with some fertility issues, then technological aid can help in reversing the undesirable state and reach to pregnancy.

Donor Eggs

Donor eggs may improve the chances of fertility if the egg quality of a patient has deteriorated due to age and other factors.

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

Through these protocols, it becomes possible to detail the type of preferred fertility medication and the schedule on which they are delivered. It gives importance to the accuracy of timing and doses.

Embryo Transfer

It is indeed one of the most critical steps of the entire process. Any slack in this stage may impair the success of the IVF procedure.

Uterine Receptivity

Its importance becomes understandable from the analogy of healthy seed and healthy soil. Compromising on any of these two methods may lead you astray from getting ideal results.

Lifestyle Factors

You can create a desirable environment for the embryo to grow inside you by following the protocols of a healthy lifestyle.

Preparing for IVF

There is always an element of uncertainty in the IVF procedure. Thus, it is quite sensible to lay the foundation for successful IVF treatment. It would help if you made the necessary preparations to make your body adapt to the process.

  • Eat a well-balanced and healthy diet
  • Start consuming prenatal vitamins
  • Keep your body weight in check
  • Do not drink alcohol, recreational drugs, and quit smoking
  • Better to avoid international travel particularly in places where a pandemic has broken out
  • Have control over caffeine intake

Managing Stress During the IVF Process

Preparing yourself physically for the IVF is just half of the process. It would help if you also cared about your mental health and therefore, we recommend you reduce the level of anxiety and stress in the IVF journey. You can join an infertility support group; start practising meditation or journaling to provide a healthy outlet to vented emotion, which will arise as you go through the process. Some patients opt for complementary, holistic techniques and therapies including acupuncture, yoga, and spiritual discourses to minimize the stress and anxiety of the IVF cycle.

Fertility Treatment with Yoga

People who are trying to conceive get recommendations for practicing yoga because there are specific therapeutic postures, which relieves stress and anxiety. Its therapeutic benefits can increase the chances of fertility. You can list the benefits o yoga under the following points:

  • Your reproductive organs get enriched with surplus blood flow
  • It reduces tension in the pelvis and hip region
  • Bring about stress reduction and minimizes the secretion of cortisol hormone
  • Restores hormonal; balances and endocrine function
  • Tones and strengthens the muscles
  • Reduces discomfort which is so typical with IVF cycles
  • You have mental peace and relaxation

Fertility Treatment with Acupuncture

This process uses fine sterilized needles, pierced into the specific points of the body, which can treat different kinds of disorders. There are documented studies, which show that acupuncture when done in the right way before embryo transfer or after embryo, transfer increases the likelihood of successful conception through the In Vitro Fertilization process as it relaxes the body and improves blood circulation in the Uterus.

Learning more about the IVF process

There is indeed an element of uncertainty with IVF when it comes to successfully conceiving and delivering a healthy baby. There are also myths surrounding the process and its potential side effects. Therefore, before you opt for the IVF process, it is essential to get all your doubts cleared. Consult your local fertility expert to know in detail about the process today.