How to Boost fertility naturally in men & women?

Infertility affects individuals of both the gender adversely. You need to be strong enough in terms of both mental and physical health to bear the consequences of infertility as it is not too easy to face this phase of life without being strong.

At times, people are not born with infertility issues but with growing times and age, they become less fertile due to various reasons, one of which is obviously leading an unhealthy lifestyle for long.

In these cases, it is entirely a matter of negligence in the part of the individuals who slowly move on to become infertile with increasing age. And if timely measures are not taken, they can eventually become permanently infertile.

Therefore, Fertility Solutions for males/females is in their hands only if it is not due to a clinical condition or is a birth defect. There are various ways through which both men and women can boost their fertility and progress towards a healthy childbirth procedure.

Though there are many external ways to boost fertility, the natural ways are preferred more by the fertility experts as it has zero to fewer side effects and works better in boosting fertility.

So, today we are going to discuss some such natural fertility boosting techniques which are effective for both men and women. Read on to know more

Tips for men

  • Including antioxidants in your diet can be very beneficial for increasing your fertility. The sperm DNA is damaged in some men which makes them less fertile but with enough antioxidants in the diet, chances are less, that the DNA would be damaged. Some such foods include poultry, red meat, vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C, nuts, etc.
  • Rising body temperature causes sperm damage and that is why the scrotal temperature is always below the actual body temperature. You must try to stay away from being in hit temperature for long, keep your laptop heat away, stops taking hot baths often and stay away from heat instigation factors to be more fertile.
  • Being overweight or obese can cause infertility and thus you should try maintaining a healthy height-weight ratio for keeping your fertility on a check.
  • Eat more healthy diets such as green vegetables, fruits, etc. and avoid oily and junk food as much as you can. They can be the reason behind your reducing fertility.
  • Some underlying medical issues like diabetes, STD, thyroid, anaemia can be the reason behind reduced sperm motility or damaged sperm. You must treat them for being potentially fertile.

Tips for women

  • Having Natural fertility diet/treatment is again recommended for women as well to boost their fertility naturally. Include vegetable protein, dairy fat (a glass of milk), increase vitamin intake and get a chart of such eatables which helps in increasing the fertility.
  • Have frequent sex with your partner to increase the chances of fertility. A woman is most fertile in her ovulation period and thus, you need to perform more sex to conceive during this period.
  • Cut on coffee, alcohol, tobacco and other such harmful consumptions as they are responsible for lowering your fertility.
  • Stress decreases fertility by a greater extent, so try to be happy and stress-free as much as possible.
  • Check on your overweight issues as they can make you less fertile.
  • Have a look at what medicines you consume as certain medicines contain substances which might prove harmful for your fertile health.

The final take

If we study the causes and reasons behind infertility in both men and women today, a mammoth section of the society is suffering due to the leading of an unhealthy lifestyle. There are certain habits that cause individuals to be infertile even though they are born perfectly fertile.

And this has prevailed more nowadays because couples today are very busy making their career and leading a professional beneficial life which takes a toll on their reproductive health way too much.

Age factor, stress, unhealthy and untimely eating habits, excessive smoking and drinking habits, insomnia, and many other such habits affect our reproductive system to an extent where it an even make us permanently infertile.

That is why every Fertility Specialist around the world focuses on one basic thing to be introduced to every couple and that is they must start leading a healthy lifestyle with good food, good sleep, exercising, avoiding stress and other such stuff.

You must understand that being born infertile must be your luck but being born fertile and eventually turning infertile is your negligence and you must avoid being negligent if you want to be reproductively healthy! The above-mentioned tips to increase men and women fertility can be of immense help for those who are facing fewer fertility issues!