How does PCOS affect fertility?

Many individuals suffer from infertility issues due to various reasons, PCOS is one amongst them. PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a kind of disorder found in the females that is associated with the sexual hormonal imbalance of the females.

Women of childbearing age form tiny cysts every month that are fluid-filled; these are known as follicles that develop on the surface of the female ovary. The female sex hormones, mainly estrogen cause one of these follicles to produce a mature egg. The female ovary releases the mature egg and it comes out of the follicle.

The women with PCOS are affected by a hormonal imbalance that results in an abnormal increase of testosterone as well, even though it’s primarily a male sex hormone. When a female suffers from PCOS, the hormonal imbalance prevents the development and release of the mature eggs from the ovary.

And without the development and release of the mature egg, you cannot expect ovulation or pregnancy. Thus, the fertility of a female is affected when she suffers from PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

There is no particular age or time for the symptoms to show. Females of any reproductive age can have such symptoms of PCOS and it is only after you get diagnosed under a gynaecologist, you can be sure that you have PCOS. The most common symptoms are

❏Irregular periods
❏Abnormal weight gain
❏Ovarian cysts
❏Not being able to conceive
❏Acne or skin darkening
❏Thinning of hair follicles
❏Abnormal growth of facial hair
❏Enhanced skin tags

It is not that everyone with PCOS would have the same symptoms. It can vary from person to person depending upon the age, lifestyle habits, severity of the condition or other clinical conditions. So, you must also reconfirm with your gynaecologist before drawing any conclusion.

What are the possible causes of PCOS?

Well, to be true, there are no exact causes of PCOS found till now by the experts. They say that it might be because of genetic factors rather than any other conditions. Also, there are chances of PCOS when a woman’s body has more insulin level than normal. Apart from this, no possible causes of the disorder are known yet. That’s why taking preventive measures is also not always possible for women.

Are there any possible treatments from the same?

Sadly, no proper treatment is available to treat the condition of PCOS in any female. However, if a female with PCOS wants to become pregnant then possible treatments can be done to improve her chances of pregnancy.

But there is some kind of treatment that the doctors rely on which includes taking of birth control pills so that the hormonal imbalance can be corrected, injecting insulin-sensitizing drugs to control the use of insulin, exercising, healthy eating, etc. but it’s better to go for an IVF procedure to get a child rather than wasting more time on such treatment methods.

What are the other complications associated with PCOS?

Women with PCOS might be prone to other health risks which includes

❏High blood pressure and cholesterol levels
❏Sleep apnea
❏Anxiety and depression
❏Heart disease
❏Endometrial cancer
❏Abnormal weight gain

These are some of the health complications that can occur if you have PCOS. most women below the age of 40 are prone to having diabetes which is one very dangerous side effect of this disease. But no matter what complications arise, always try to consult with your gynaecologist before taking any step so that you get better guidance regarding your condition.

The final take

People suffering from infertility have so many options for treatment and solutions today that they must not fear being infertile or be depressed due to the fact that they cannot bear a child.

In fact, there are many happy couples across the world who are infertile but have managed to become proud parents of their own child through the various infertility treatment and ivf solutions.

The best ivf centre in Meerut alone has served so many infertile patients in the past few years to give them a new reason to enjoy their lives and to remain happy with the fact that they can also enjoy parenthood like normal couples.

People who are unable to bear a child must not worry more and visit an infertility specialist as soon as they find out that there is a problem with their fertility and that they are unable to bear a child even after practising unprotected sexual intercourse with their partner for over a year.

Even if you are suffering from PCOS and facing infertility issues, there is no need to worry about it, you can still have your own child through the various treatment procedures and ivf methods. Just contact the nearest infertility specialist soon!