How Is Blockage Of The Fallopian Tubes A Reason Of Female Infertility

The fallopian tubes are a genital organ in a female’s body that links the ovaries and the uterus. When a woman ejects her eggs from the ovaries, they go into the fallopian tubes. Sperms go from the vagina through the uterus to the fallopian tubes, where it fuses and may fertilize the egg. The moment the egg is fertilized, it transforms into an embryo, and that embryo must then go from the fallopian tubes onto the uterus for pregnancy to occur. When the movement of the sperm to the egg or the embryo to the uterus is interfered with or blocked, that then results in a failed pregnancy, and this is because of blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. This state is also called tubal infertility, tubal occlusion and tubal disease. Statistics have shown that over 30 percent of women face infertility due to blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. It is a very general cause of infertility among women, and this is because the spot in which the sperm fertilizes the woman’s egg lies within the fallopian tube.

Because the fallopian tubes are small, they get easily damaged and blocked. Mostly they are damaged due to the scarring on the walls of the tubes, which could be because of some infection, surgery, Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Endometriosis, Ectopic pregnancy, Tubal ligation etc. Now generally, there are no symptoms experienced in the case of damaged fallopian tubes. Still, there are indicators related to conditions that cause damage to the fallopian tubes, like PID may cause abdominal pain and painful periods. Infertility or difficulty getting impregnated could be the first sign of damaged tubes. Now, if, by chance, only one tube is blocked, it is possible to get pregnant, but it could lead to a higher rate of ectopic pregnancy and if both the tubes are blocked, then getting pregnant without the help of medical treatment is out of the question.

Female Infertility Treatment Options

There are numerous female infertility treatment options for blocked or damaged fallopian tubes in females. But before we go to that, it’s always important to get checked by a professional like an infertility specialist in Meerut as they pin out the damage, options, process etc. They help you to understand your options and chances. Proper check-up and insight is the best way to move forward in such instances. The treatment options for blocked fallopian tubes are as follows:

Laparoscopic Surgery: This surgery can help open up blocked tubes and remove scar tissues up to an extent. But it doesn’t always work because the possibility of a positive result in pregnancy through this surgery depends on factors like age (more the age young, better the chance), how bad the blockage is, how extensive the damage is and the source of the blockage. If there are just a few adhesives between the ovaries and fallopian tubes, the possibility of getting impregnated is better. With this surgery comes a risk of ectopic pregnancy which means that the embryo or fetus develops outside the woman’s uterus, i.e., in the fallopian tubes. So it would be wise to have a professional like Meerut ivf centre keep close eyes on this surgery option all the time.

In Vitro Fertilization:  pregnancy treatment IVF is the best option in case the fallopian tubes are completely blocked. In this treatment, medical fertility drugs are given to enhance and stimulate the ovaries, and the doctor retrieves the eggs from the female body’s ovaries. Then the eggs are fused with the sperm in a laboratory. Some eggs fertilize in due time, and some develop thriving and fit embryos. Then these embryos are placed into the uterus of the female body. This treatment completely avoids using fallopian tubes. Hence the blockage or damage does not matter in any case. Suppose the female has hydrosalpinx (fluid-filled tube), its best first to have surgery to fix the tube and then go for the IVF. It is because if the tubes are inflamed, which happens in tubes filled with fluid, the possibility of IVF working drops significantly. It is one of the best infertility treatments and has a high success rate as Meerut IVF centers provide a charted plan for this treatment, proper care, guidance and support.

Surrogate Carriers: In this option, another female bears the fertilized embryo to develop in their uterus. This option could be considered a last resort; if the female body is completely incapable of getting pregnant or being unable to develop an embryo within her uterus, then another female is chosen to carry and develop the fertilized embryo.

All of these treatments should be carried out with a lot of care and under the right eye of a doctor or professional.The better the centre the better the fertility specialist will guide and prepare you for the chances and procedures. Getting checked up regularly or even at the slightest symptom is a must. With modern medicine and continuous research, getting pregnant even with blocked fallopian tubes is possible and natural