Surrogacy Program & Fertility Treatment

Infertility is a disorder which makes a person unable to give childbirth irrespective of the gender, but more than the physical unfitness, people become mentally distressed when they find out that they are infertile. In most parts of the country, infertility is still seen as something shameful and the worst part is that most of the times only females are blamed for the same.

While the truth is that both male/females infertility it has absolutely nothing to do with one’s gender. But thankfully, today the doors of treatment of infertility has become vast and thus, many infertile couples who were hopeless of becoming parents are now being hopeful about having their own child through the various treatment processes available. 

Times have changed…

SurrogacyIt is a fact that a few decades back, the infertile couples did not have such diverse infertility treatment options available to them. The only option left to them was to adopt a child! Even if they intended to undergo certain treatments, the availability of the same or the facilities and specialists needed for the execution of the procedures were not too readily available as it is available now!

Thus it has become very convenient for the infertile couples to treat their reproductive health conditions through the various options available at hand. One such infertility treatment option is surrogacy; though it prevailed in previous times as well, the surrogacy procedure was different! It needed the surrogate mother to undergo physical intercourse with the male partner to give birth to his biological child.

The artificial insemination options were not so much developed back then and thus, this idea never attracted many infertile couples for taking care of their infertility issues. But now, times have changed and the idea of surrogacy has also evolved to better and advanced procedures. We will throw more light on surrogacy here.

What is surrogacy and how is it done?

If we go by the bookish knowledge or definition of surrogacy, it simply means that a woman lends her womb to an infertile couple wherein the female cannot give birth to a child or carry the baby in her womb even after successful conceiving.

In this procedure, the woman or the surrogate mother of the child to be born comes in agreement with the couples who hire her for the procedure to handover

​ the baby she has given birth to them after successfully continuing with the pregnancy period.

IVF TreatmentThis requires legal agreement between the two parties and mostly done in exchange for money to be paid by the couples who hire the surrogate mother to lend her womb to their child. In most cases, when the female is infertile, this kind of childbirth procedure is followed to have a child of the father’s gene through another mother. 

No matter whether the male or female or both are infertile, the option of surrogacy is always open!

If in case, the female can produce eggs but face trouble in conceiving or varying the baby in her womb then the eggs are taken out from her ovary and fertilized in vitro with the sperms of the male partner and the fertilized zygote is transferred to either the uterus or fallopian tube of the surrogate mother to carry on with the further development of the childbirth process.

In case, the females are fertile and the male partner is infertile, a surrogate mother can still give birth to the child of the mother’s gametes and a male donor’s sperms through the IVF processes.

Also, in case both the partners are infertile, they can get the gametes from donor males and females and carry on with the childbirth process with the help of the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother can also become the egg donor in such cases of complete infertility of both the partners.

In the instances where the surrogate mother is not biologically related to the child she is carrying, which means she is only lending her womb for the same, this kind of surrogacy is called Gestational Surrogacy whereas in cases where the surrogate mother is also the original mother of the child, it is known as traditional surrogacy procedure. It all depends on the condition of the infertile couples and what the infertility specialist advise them for having a child of their won through surrogacy.

To conclude

The rising cases of surrogacy in Meerut indicate that infertility amongst the couples is increasing with each passing day. But the “hope at the end of the tunnel” is that there are immense infertility treatment options available today which helps the infertile couples to have a child of their own, either biological or non-biological!

Surrogacy had always prevailed in our society but with developing advancement today the techniques have improved and the chances of having a successful childbirth process without physical indulgence have increased. Thus, couples with infertility issues must visit the Best IVF Centres to get the best treatments for their reproductive health.