Donor Program & Surrogacy in Meerut


Infertility is a disorder which makes a person unable to give childbirth irrespective of the gender, but more than the physical unfitness, people become mentally distressed when they find out that they are infertile. In most parts of the country, infertility is still seen as something shameful and the worst part is that most of the times only females are blamed for the same. Read More

Infertility has affected couples at a larger scale since forever! The only difference between the infertile couples then and now is that the treatment options available today is vast and easily available.

Ovum Donation

Unlike before, when the only option left to the infertile couple was adoption, today the various IVF treatment has increased chances of conception through artificial procedures or to have a child of their own.

These advanced medical science facilities have paved the way for hope and happiness for the infertile couples who once though they cannot have their own biological child./

If one of the partners either the male or the female is fertile, and the other infertile, there is a possibility of having a biological child of their own through the fertile partner’s gametes. In case the female suffers infertility, then the most prominent infertility treatment option is ovum donation.

Let us know more

The term ovum donation refers to the fact that a fertile woman would donate her healthy gametes or eggs to be used to carry on the in vitro fertilization process with either the sperm of a male donor or the male partner of the infertile female.

When a woman is infertile and cannot produce eggs or gametes for fertilization, the process of ovum donation is carried out to extract the ovum from another egg donor to facilities the fertilization process.

If the female partner is capable of carrying the baby in her womb, then the fertilized gametes are transferred to her fallopian tube or uterus for further assessment of the childbirth process. But if the female is unable to carry the baby in her womb, then a surrogate mother is needed for the childbirth process.

The process is easy and affordable…

We cannot really say that the egg donor does not go through pain while the process is carried out but the process is not too difficult to execute. It is easily done by the experts in the business and thus, does not hold many complications.

Also, if you are the one who needs Egg donation, there is no legal complexities to hire a donor as well and vice versa. In our country, it is both easy and affordable to receive the ovum donation treatment and also to be an egg donor!

There are almost nil side effects after you donate eggs and the procedure is carried out without much health complications as well. So, if you are wondering whether to give consent for ovum donation or not, go for it!

Mature oocyte cryopreservation, which is known as egg freezing in simple language is carried out in cases where the women feel they might be unable to produce eggs in the future and thus, if they freeze their own eggs, it can be fertilized through the IVF process so that they can have their own baby in the future.

Ovum Freezing and StorageIn most cases, this is the reason behind ovum freezing and storage. In some cases, it is also carried out in cases of infertility where the women cannot produce eggs and a donor egg is used for the facilitation of further IVF process which is extracted and frozen for the purpose.

The advancement in the fields of science and technology has made it possible today that you can extract the eggs from your ovaries through the means of the surgical process and freeze them so that they can be stored for the future, to be used to get pregnant yourself or to donate it as well.

The process and the cost

Basically, the unfertilized eggs are looked out for when you ovulate and the retrieval is done under expert guidance through the application of sedation.

The extracted eggs are then frozen at a temperature which is at a subzero level and thereby preserved with the help of the process of cryopreservation for further use.

If we talk about the cost of the entire retrieval, freezing and storing of the eggs we cannot say any exact amount as it varies from clinic to clinic and the infrastructure provided for the same.

But the general perception is that the entire procedure can cost you around Rupees 50,000 to 1, 00,000 and the annual preserving cost can be anywhere between 15 thousand to 30 thousand rupees depending upon the preserving circumstance. Even if it is a bit costly for average couples to afford, the benefits also make it a worthy choice.

Thus, if you feel that you might feel the pressure of getting pregnant in the future due to unwanted health complications, age-related issues or any other such complications and cannot procedure the female gametes for the process of fertilization but want a baby of your own in the future, ovum freezing and storage might be the best option for you.

You cannot prevent accidental infertility causes fully but with smart decisions, you can attempt to have a child of your own even if you face infertility issues in the future!

Male infertility has various causes behind it, some of which may be known while some might not be known. If we go by the common infertility causes of men, they include erectile dysfunction, non-production of healthy and enough sperm, hormonal imbalance, infections in the reproductive organs, and other clinical conditions.

Sperm Freezing and StorageThe lifestyle habit that today’s people lead also impact their reproductive health to immense lengths and thus, it won’t be wrong to say that people tend to be more infertile or less fertile with growing age, mostly the women as they need to be super healthy in fertility terms to carry the baby in their womb for nine long months.

As far as the men are concerned, they may be fully healthy in their young age but as time grows, many instances can occur which can make them less fertile. Thus it is wise to preserve their semen when they are still healthy and can produce enough of it so that they can facilitate childbirth even if they face issues with their fertility.

Why is sperm freezing and storage necessary?

Well, firstly, nobody has the guarantee that they would continue to be fertile all their life. People may face any kind of accidents, health complications, or any other such issue which might contribute to their infertility with growing times.

And thus, the infertility experts suggest preserving the gametes of both the genders so that they can have their own child even if they marry late (or never marry at all but want to have a child of their own) or face infertility conditions further in their lives.

It is verily needed for most people of today’s generation as they remain too busy with their everyday schedule and possesses many such unhealthy habits which might cause them infertility issues in the future. And when the process is so easy, why not opt for the same!

The sperm freezing process and cost

After successful collection of the sperm from the males, it is frozen in a temperature of almost -70 degrees C in a mechanical freezer or at -196 degrees c at liquid nitrogen freezers. They can have it stored for a day or for years depending upon the necessity of the same. The cost varies from clinic to clinic and depends majorly on the term of the preservation.

So, if you are planning to freeze your sperm, it might be the right time to do so!